Ivy & team did wedding day coordination, set-up and clean-up for our event. She and staff helped the venue arrange the tables, set-up the décor and food, coordinated the wedding party entrances, and did everything she could to make sure I, as the bride, was as stress free as possible, so I could actually “enjoy” my day.

As much as one can take the vision of someone, especially a control freak/planner such as myself, and transfer it into her own work, this was done. Were there things that I would have done differently? As a planner, of course! All planners have their own way of interpreting, setting up, coordinating, and delivering a vision. That’s what makes us good and individuals. Would I have changed anything as a bride? Not at all. I enjoyed every moment and because of her, I was able to have a stress free day.

Ivy always responded to all questions/issues within 24-48 hours, if not sooner, which was exactly what I needed.


Mary R.