What are we willing to sacrifice?

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter: Alchemist

I am not a religious person, but for those of us who come from deep spiritual backgrounds, bear with me a little bit and come on a trip down memory lane.

There is something sacred about the creative process.  The journey to authentic creative expression often comes from great sacrifice.

You know…that hurts-when-you-breathe kinda sacrifice.

When you’re dedicated to building something that has never been done before– whether it is a human-human relationship or a human-passion relationship–it costs something.

But sacrifice doesn’t mean losing who you are in the process.

The video above is a reminder that sacrificing for creativity’s sake is worth every tear drop, every moment of anxiety, and every late night up working.

Yes, being creative takes work–and often times losing something or someone.  And if we’re honest about who we are meant to be as creative beings, perhaps the sacrifices we’re making won’t seem so much like sacrifices at all.  They’re just things we had to place down in order to pick up our true selves and maximize our possibilities.

Be well,

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