Inspiration: Change



“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Andre Gide

This week’s  theme of the week at VieDesign is change…one of the hardest things to accept about this life.  During the last six months I’ve gone through many changes–some of my own volition, but most it seemed that life had another plan in place she hadn’t made me privy to.

Despite all of the changes that have occurred, the quote above sums up my perspective on change and its place in my life.

I know that I can never sail unknown design seas unless I muster up the courage to let go of what I’m leaving behind.  That may mean relationships, that may mean my ego, a dream room, home, or the wedding your heart’s been set on as a little girl (or boy).  As much as we like to say “we think, therefore we have” there are some parts of life that are beyond our control and change without our permission.  And yet, we should never forget that life has a reason behind these changes.  We may not see them or understand them, but as we hold fast to the truth of change, those reasons are slowly revealed.

Daily I choose to look change square in the face, accept this part of life, and embrace the lessons I am meant to learn from it.

Ask yourself this week, along with me, “What is the shore I must lose sight of?  What are the dreams, desires, hopes, wishes, relationships,  plans, thoughts, that I must let fly into the wind of change?”

You just might be surprised at what you receive upon letting go…

Here’s to a beautiful first week of July.



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