Inspiration: What to Wear to a Happy Hour 1st Date

So! You’ve been invited to happy hour by that fabulous crush.  Scrounging through your closet at 6:30am, you only have 45 mins before it’s time to leave the house for work.  “What to wear?!?” you exclaim  after fifteen minutes of searching for a multi-functional outfit.
Well…..I’ve got the perfect inspiration for you! 🙂

Take a look at the set below: I’m in love with the mint and salmon mix!!  The perfect compliment to a black cropped pant and asymmetric pumps, the mint and black silk blouse is flirty enough for the date, but you’re not going to be freezing in the office or feel uncomfortable for being a little too flashy.

The salmon colored necklace and clutch are also statements that carry over into happy hour, but then toned-down enough to not be a distraction at work.

What to Wear to a Happy Hour 1st Date

See, no worries here.
Go ahead. Take a sip of that martini and knock ’em dead 😉



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