DIY Inspiration: Paper Flowers

It’s Spring time!!!  Well, almost.  But the weather is nice and lovely, flowers and growing, and spring party invitations abound.  Looking around for party decor inspiration, I kept coming across paper flower DIY projects, which are some of the easiest projects and can be implemented in everyday day decor, party decor, and a plethora of other mediums.  The following DIY paper flowers caught my attention and I’m sure I’ll be using a few of them for a garden-party themed retirement party.

When I saw these two on Design*Sponge, my jaw dropped, and I immediately squealed with glee.  This DIY inspiration is practically questionable, because let’s just be honest–why would anyone absolutely need a giant paper flower lying around the house?  Thankfull,y I have more than enough reasons–the garden party inspired retirement party I’m throwing for my boss, my best friend is in need a few set props [she’s a musician/artist], and I’ve got a few spring surprises up my sleeve.

These paper floral centerpieces:

Any other paper flower ideas??  Let me know in the comments below!



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