Inspiration: A Cranberry + Apricot Celebration

A dear friend of mine recently celebrated her 27th birthday.  As someone who constantly gives to others and denies herself many external pleasures for the sake of the internal, a sweetly planned celebration was called for.  Unfortunately, due to unforeseen events (a flat tire + 3 warped tires!!) I was not able to drive the two hours to the Gulf and throw the surprise dinner I planned–BUT, I get to share with you the inspiration behind it all:



There is almost no explanation needed for the color palette chosen.  The contrast of the apricot to the cranberry, just makes me grin from ear to ear.  Since it’s only the first few days of March and the weather is a little gloomy and drippy here in Florida, the deep dark colors are still appropriate.

The Menu:

Creating a menu is always an adventure for me and my friends, as we all have different palettes and preferences.  The one bonding factor is that we all love whole foods and eating healthily, which allows me to be even more creative as some of us have gluten-allergies, etc.

For the menu I chose a lemon + onion roasted chicken entree, with asparagusand tomato rice as side dishes.

The chicken recipe is one I’ve made several times and it’s one of the most delicious and light poultry dishes I’ve made.  Carrots, parsnips, fennel bulbs, fingerling potatoes, sweet potatoes–all roasted with sweet onion and lemon stuffed chicken 🙂  For dessert–her favorite–homemade red velvet cake + black walnut ice cream






And for drinks?

A rosemary lemon sparkler:


I can’t wait to put these plans into action.  Perhaps my next dinner party??

To beautiful friends, healthy food, and a little bit o’ sparkler-induced fun,




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