Why It’s Time to Let It Go & Move On

I want to give a heartfelt “thank you!” to those of you who clicked the “follow!” button and have subscribed to my feed.

Over the past 6 months I’ve been searching my heart, mind, and soul about the next steps I should take with my business and career.  I wasn’t sure of my niche or the business’s 10, 5, and even 3 year goals.  I wasn’t even sure about the name, and whether or not it represented the vision I have as a designer.

It took much thought, prayer, and meditation…I’ve finally come to a decision about the future of VieDesign.  This chapter is closed, and a new one is in the works:

Ivey Jones Designs!

The heart of the business is very much the same, yet, there is more clarity and focus on who the company is, and  how and why I help people plan great events.

Here’s a little preview of our manifesto:

“Here at Ivey Jones, we hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions.  Our business practices are founded on integrity, sustainability, and creativity.  Everything we do supports our clients, their well-being, and the community at-large.  We invest in making our community a better place for creativity by letting others be who they are!”

Leaving old ideas and habits behind while forging ahead into new territory is not the easiest thing to do.  I was attached to the name “VieDesign” as it was the first business I’d owned for three years.

But the name didn’t work.

Ivey Jones Designs represents the passion I have for all things Southern, authentic, and design.  It’s rooted in my family history (my father’s name and my grandmother’s maiden name); it’s a play on my own name; it’s personalized, and gives context to real human connection.

It’s not stuffy, and it doesn’t resemble a mega-super-corporate company that’s more concerned about money than meeting their clients’ needs.  [Or maybe I’m projecting my old attitude and worldview]

I couldn’t say VieDesign with confidence, because VieDesign didn’t properly reflect the vision of my work.   From how I wanted to run my business, to the kind of people I wanted to serve, to the vendors I wanted to collaborate with…it was time to let it go.

VieDesign will always be a part of my journey.  And I’m okay with it not being my destination.  I’m ready to put my faith and works where my mouth is, and be of service to those who need me.

Thanks for every encouraging word, shared link, and decision to press “Follow.”
I am very grateful for the support you’ve given thus far.

Looking forward to the newness,

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What are we willing to sacrifice?

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter: Alchemist

I am not a religious person, but for those of us who come from deep spiritual backgrounds, bear with me a little bit and come on a trip down memory lane.

There is something sacred about the creative process.  The journey to authentic creative expression often comes from great sacrifice.

You know…that hurts-when-you-breathe kinda sacrifice.

When you’re dedicated to building something that has never been done before– whether it is a human-human relationship or a human-passion relationship–it costs something.

But sacrifice doesn’t mean losing who you are in the process.

The video above is a reminder that sacrificing for creativity’s sake is worth every tear drop, every moment of anxiety, and every late night up working.

Yes, being creative takes work–and often times losing something or someone.  And if we’re honest about who we are meant to be as creative beings, perhaps the sacrifices we’re making won’t seem so much like sacrifices at all.  They’re just things we had to place down in order to pick up our true selves and maximize our possibilities.

Be well,

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Feed The Soul: Minimize


Okay. I’ll admit it. I am a pack rat.

*Run to hide under my bed’s covers*

I didn’t really admit that, did I?

Yes, I did. Because this month, it’s all about minimizing, and I’m never going to ask you to do something I myself have not tried or planning to try.

I grew up in a home with a fulltime working father, a mother who had chronic illness, and three little girls who were close in age and were often left to their own vices.

My father spent many nights studying or preparing reports while my mother rested from a long day’s work of teaching us, working on her business projects, and being a counselor to friends and family.  Our home was often left in disarray, and although my parents tried to teach us to be “neat and tidy” the example they laid before us did not measure up to their own standards.

As I entered my college years and moved out, I realized that although I didn’t have much to take with me, most of it wouldn’t fit into the tiny apartment I now called home.  So, I started tossing.
When I moved to my next apartment, it was even smaller.
And, I tossed again.

By the time I moved to the apartment I live in now, I STILL had to toss some things that were taking too much .

 “But I thought you already tossed–TWICE?!”

I know, I know…but it’s so easy to keep adding, especially when I have new space to put things. See, clutter reminds me of home, my late mother, and the happy childhood I often idealized until the last two years. When I start tossing things out, and my room is spacier, my bookshelf is neater, and the little things I hold onto are either packed up, given away, or trashed, I’m reminded that some of the things my parents taught me (implicitly or explicitly) don’t work for my life.

Space to breathe, think, and create works for me.
Order, cleanliness, and consistency works for me.
Not having panic attacks when I realize it’s two days before company comes over and I’ve yet to clear out the things I’ve been meaning to throw away works for me.

This March, I’m challenging myself and spring cleaning, tossing out the things that don’t add value to the sum of Ivy.

Care to take this journey with me?

Inspiration: Dream Spaces

bedroom glass wall

kitchen_blood & champagne

brown white kitchen

Bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens are the most creative spaces in the home.  They are where you can become the most vulnerable with yourself; the places were you can explore your desires without judgment. Whenever I first view a home, I think “what does the bathroom look like? Can I be vulnerable in this place? Can I be comfortable with me in my complete authenticity? Is the kitchen a place of experimentation? Does the bedroom make me want to sit down with a notebook and plan out my dreams and ambitions?”

I know! That’s a lot of pressure! However, each space dweller has a mood that fits their personality  and freedom and authenticity means something different for us all, therefore the functional elements of the spaces will vary client to client.

Do your dream spaces help you tap into your creativity?
What functional elements encourage you to dream?

P.S. Check out the Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen Pinterest boards!

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Events: Welcome to Planet Alkemebulan

kirkland 11

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Last weekend VieDesign co-sponsored an event for IAM-OSH, a collective of musicians and artists in the North Florida area.   And boy, let me tell you…the show was amazing!  The first of many to come, Planet Alkemebulan featured performers of … Continue reading